Introduction to RCM2

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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to RCM2 and is intended for those wishing to secure optimum performance from any physical assets, from the viewpoint of safety, environmental integrity, output, product quality or customer service.

RCM2 is a logical discipline for the development of efficient scheduled (preventive) maintenance programs for complex assets, and the on-going management of such programs. These programs are called reliability-centered maintenance (RCM2) programs because they are centered on achieving the inherent safety and reliability capabilities of assets at a minimum cost.

Today more than ever there is a burning need to increase asset performance while reducing costs. This is not a new concept as a typical asset undergoes between 30 and 50 reliability, maintenance and production optimisation incentives per year. 

A key to ensuring success is to shift from the conventional repair and modification approaches to a focus on failure consequence mitigation – the core principle of RCM2.

RCM2 is used to define your maintenance strategy. A central problem addressed with RCM2 is how to determine which maintenance tasks, if any, should be applied to an item and how frequently assigned tasks should be accomplished. The net result is a structured blend of experience, judgment, and operational information to identify the right work at the right time. The content of this 3 day course can be readily assimilated by maintenance and operations people at all levels.

By participating in this course you will learn how RCM2:

  • Helps you base your maintenance strategies on mitigating the consequences of asset failure.
  • Helps you select tasks that are technically feasible and worth doing.
  • Focuses on the reality of failure.
  • Ensures understanding and cooperation between operations and maintenance for successful asset management.
  • Provides a common language and a common set of values for maintenance and operations.
  • Above all, enables organisations to make the right asset management choices for optimal equipment performance.


Course Duration: 3 Days

Recommended Participants: 

  • Maintenance Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Tradespeople
  • Operators
  • Engineers


  • An understanding of basic equipment care and operation.
  • This course is also a prerequisite for anyone who plans to attend the RCM2 Facilitator Course.

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Take Home: 

  • Textbook: RCM2 by John Moubray
  • Case study
  • RCM2 Decision Diagram
  • Exercises 


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