Integrated Logistic Support

Integrated Logistics SupportSupporting complex systems is critical to the cost effective and consistent delivery of capability. At Relken, our focus is to enable informed decisions through the understanding of your assets and the systems that support them. Our expertise in the analysis of the fundamental drivers of support system effectiveness will allow you to move past templated solutions and make optimal decisions regarding the cost vs capability trade-off in support system design.    

We can:

  • Provide ILS Program Management covering:

    • Support System Design

    • Support System Development

    • Transition Planning and Management

  • Conduct or review Logistic Support Analysis Programs including conducting:


    • Spares Modelling

    • Life Cycle Costing

  • Develop or Review ILS plans and reports, including:

    • Integrated Support Plan (ISP) [Acquisition Projects]

    • Integrated Logistic Support Instructions (ILSIs/ALIs) {In-service support]

    • Logistic Support Analysis Plan (LSAP)      

    • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Report (LORAR)

    • Maintenance Evaluations

    • Logistic Support Analysis Allocation Chart [LSAAC)

    • Recommended Spares Provisioning Lists (RSPL)

    • Insurance Supply Items List (ISIL)

    • Packaging Provisioning List (PACKPL)

    • Technical Data List (TDL) S&TE Provisioning List (S&TEPL)

    • Codification Data (CDATA)

    • Development and Review of Technical Publications (to Defence Standards), including:

    • User Handbook (UHB)

    • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEIs)

    • Workshop Manual Repair Parts Identification List (RPIL)

    • Complete Equipment Schedule List (CES-L)