Contractual Data Requirement Lists (CDRLs) and Data Item Deliverables (DIDs) (ASDEFCON)

Complex systems, acquisitions and sustainment programs often require a supporting suite of comprehensive data items and deliverables. Effective and compliant Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) and Data Item Deliverables (DIDs) are critical to ensuring consistent delivery of capability. At Relken, our staff come from a background of authoring, reviewing and providing training on ASDEFCON contractual requirements, data items and deliverables. Our team has the experience and mindset of being ‘on the other side of the table’ evaluating and assessing contractor-submitted deliverables.

Relken has expertise in:

  • Developing or reviewing DIDs such as plans, reports, instructions and lists
  • Developing or reviewing Technical Publications to Defence or Industry Standards
Project Management Data Items  
Project Management Plan DID-PM-MGT-PMP
Contract Master Schedule DID-PM-DEF-CMS
Contract Work Breakdown Structure DID-PM-DEF-CWBS
Quality Plan DID-PM-MGT-QP
Measurement Plan DID-PM-MEAS-MEASP
Project Status Report DID-PM-STAT-PSR
Earned Value Management Plan DID-PM-MGT-EVMP
Earned Value Performance Report DID-PM-STAT-EVPR
Risk Management Plan DID-PM-RISK-RMP
Project Start Up Plan DID-PM-START-PSP
Australian Industry Involvement DID-PM-AII-AIIP
Australian Industry Involvement Progress Report DID-PM-AII-AIIPR
Intellectual Property Plan DID-PM-IP-IPP
Intellectual Property Records DID-PM-IP-IPR
Life Cycle Cost Management Plan DID-PM-LCC-LCCMP
Life Cycle Cost Report and Model DID-PM-LCC-LCCRM
Contractor Transition Plan DID-PM-TRANS-CTXP
Materiel Safety Data Sheet DID-PM-SAFETY-MSDS
Systems Engineering Data Items  
Systems Engineering Management Plan DID-ENG-MGT-SEMP
System Safety Program Plan DID-ENG-MGT-SSPP
Human Engineering Program Plan DID-ENG-MGT-HEPP
Integrated Reliability, Maintainability & Testability Plan DID-ENG-MGT-IRMTP
Project Process Improvement Plan DID-ENG-MGT-PPIP
Growth Plan DID-ENG-MGT-GP
System Review Plan DID-ENG-RVW-SRP
Operational Concept Design DID-ENG-DEF-OCD
System Specification DID-ENG-DEF-SS
Requirements Traceability Matrix DID-ENG-TRACE-RTM
Technical Documentation Tree DID-ENG-SOL-DOCTREE
Design Documentation DID-ENG-SOL-DOC
Certification to Access Radiofrequency System DID-ENG-SOL-ECARS
Safety Case Report DID-ENG-SOL-SCR
Software Management Plan DID-ENG-SW-SMP
Engineering Drawings DID-ENG-HW-DWGS
Tender Data Items  
Tender Life Cycle Cost Model TDID-FIN-LCC-TLCCM
Proposed Support System Solution TDID-ILS-DEF-PSSS
Configuration Management Data Items  
Configuration Management Plan DID-CM-MGT-CMP
Configuration Status Accounting Reports DID-CM-DATA-CSAR
Master Record Index DID-CM-DATA-MRI
Integrated Logistic Support Data Items  
Integrated Support Plan DID-ILS-MGT-ISP
Support System Specification DID-ILS-DEF-SSSPEC
Task Analysis Report DID-ILS-DES-TAR
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Report DID-ILS-DES-FMEAR
Reliability Centred Maintenance Analysis Report DID-ILS-DES-RCMAR
Level of Repair Analysis Report DID-ILS-DES-LORA
Disposal Report DID-ILS-DES-DISP
Training Needs Analysis Report DID-ILS-DES-TNAR
Supply Support Development Plan DID-ILS-SUP-SSDP
Recommended Spares Provisioning List DID-ILS-SUP-RSPL
Packaging Provisioning List DID-ILS-SUP-PACKPL
Training Support Plan DID-ILS-TNG-TSP
Training Equipment and Materials List DID-ILS-TNG-TEML
Computer Based Training DID-ILS-TNG-CBT
Technical Data Plan DID-ILS-TDATA-TDP
Data Accession List DID-ILS-TDATA-DAL
Publications Packages DID-ILS-TDATA-PUBPACK
Codification Data DID-ILS-TDATA-CDATA
Logistic Support Analysis Record DID-ILS-TDATA-LSAR
Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals DID-ILS-TDATA-IETM
Support and Test Equipment Plan DID-ILS-S&TE-S&TEP
Support and Test Equipment Provisioning List DID-ILS-S&TE-S&TEPL
Facilities Plan DID-ILS-FAC-FACP
Facilities Requirements Analysis Report DID-ILS-FAC-FRAR
Software Support Plan DID-ILS-SW-SWSP
Personnel Resource Requirement List DID-ILS-PERS-PRRL
Integrated Logistic Support Data Items  
Verification and Validation Plan DID-V&V-MGT-V&VP
Verification Cross Reference Matrix DID-V&V-DEF-VCRM
Acceptance Test Plan DID-V&V-TST-ATPLAN
Acceptance Test Procedure DID-V&V-TST-ATPROC
Acceptance Test Report DID-V&V-TST-ATREP