Our Company

At Relken our aim is to help clients understand and improve the performance of their physical assets in order to increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.

To achieve this we offer an expert team of reliability and risk consultants with a broad range of experience in asset management, integrated logistic support, probabilistic risk assessment and Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) program management.

Services Offered

Relken Engineering offers consulting, training, retail and software development services in the fields of asset management, logistic support and reliability engineering.

Specifically Relken offers:


  • Development and review of ILS and LSA products
  • ILS and Logistics Engineering policy development
  • Asset performance measurement systems for complex systems
  • Data analysis
  • Probabilistic Risk assessment
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance program development
  • Root cause analysis investigations
Occa and Adam Coal Mining


Relken’s post graduate-qualified engineers utilise simulation and analysis tools such as MATLAB, ReliaSoft, ISOGraph, Tableau, Genie and .NET to conduct bespoke analysis and research. The team at Relken has used these tools to conduct operational research tasks, predict maintenance workforce and asset availability for operational scenarios, develop common cause failures models for nuclear facilities and conducted life extension analysis for critical assets.

Occa receiving George Apostolakis Fellowship Award for research in to Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Hawaii USA


Relken is the Australian reseller for ReliaSoft suite of engineering analysis tools. We also have an organic software development capability which has seen us create data integration between logistic and maintenance systems (SAP, Maximo, MILIS, Pulse), and reporting and analysis software (Tableau, ReliaSoft, ISOGraph).

Ben Mailler with out Reliasoft Partner


Relken's team members have designed and instructed on customised training programs covering reliability engineering, the mathematics of logistics and, RAM programs and measuring asset performance. Relken will also be managing and instructing all Australian based ReliaSoft training programs.

Relken sernior reliability engineer Adam Armstrong instructing on the Maintenance Engineering practioners course in Melbourne

Recent Experience

Relken staff have recently assisted clients in the following industries. See Our Projects for more details.

§    Military Systems

§    Communication systems

§    Aviation

§    Mining

§    Maritime

§    Nuclear