Relken and Aladon Unite

Ben Perry
Relken Engineering
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Relken Engineering, Australia’s leader in education and consulting services dedicated to Asset Management and Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) enhancement, today announced that the business has become a Member Organisation of The Aladon Network.

The Aladon Network

Aladon Network

The Aladon Network is a global community of Asset Management professionals whose members are certified by Aladon as Practitioners and Facilitators in the delivery of Reliability Centred Maintenance, Asset Prioritisation, Risk Based Inspections, and Root Cause Analysis. These advanced methodologies offer team-based approaches to developing a reliability strategy for all key assets in an organisation. This global network has helped clients apply RCM2 based practices in over 80 countries, with more than 65,000 people having attended Aladon training courses worldwide.

Relken Engineering

Relken Engineering helps its clients measure, understand and then improve the performance of their physical assets in order to increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership. Relken’s team of post-graduate and Ph.D. qualified reliability engineers, asset management experts and program managers specialize in Reliability Centered Maintenance, Asset Management, Data Analysis, Reliability Improvement and Root Cause Analysis. Relken EngineeringThe team tailor their approach to the particular problem being addressed, which allows Relken and their clients to understand fully the issues involved and develop practical solutions that optimize the customer’s outcome.

The Relken leadership team believe that informed decision making which acknowledges uncertainty is critical to achieving positive business results. The Aladon processes are recognised as Industry Practice and fit into Relken's vision of the future of Asset Management.  This partnership will provide Australian industry access to Aladon's award winning products.

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